The pursuit of quality, innovation and innovation" is the purpose of Xinzhonghe people. Creating quality products is the goal of Xinzhonghe people. We look forward to the cooperation, care and support of friends from all walks of life.


Foshan Shunde District Liangliang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Pacific Electromechanical Group (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Yaoke Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.


Jinjiang Yuexing Weaving Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Meiyu Trading Co., Ltd.


Nantong Kezhong Weaving Co., Ltd.


Xiamen Chuangyingmei Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.


Haimen Shunyu Textile Material Factory


Changshu Zhongtong Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.


Jiashan Baixin Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.


Wuxi Yibaiyu Machinery Co., Ltd.


Qingxian Mingsheng Knitting Co., Ltd.


Linhai Chengyuan Rope Industry Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Weixing Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Taozhu Street in Zhuji City is a civilian rope factory


Yiwu Wenli Ribbon Machinery Co., Ltd.


Changshu Aidida Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.


Jinjiang Mumu Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Mankeke Co., Ltd.


Yueqing Kangda Electronics Co., Ltd.


Jinjiang Yisi Shoes Material Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.


Changshuzi Point Clothing Accessories Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Peitong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Murata Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Xuheng Ironwork Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Siande Cheki Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Crossrol Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Tiemei Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Haochen Line Belt Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Kesheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Yingzhuo Mould Parts Co., Ltd.


Shaanxi Hengxin Precision Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.


Yancheng Dongke Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhangjiagang Haidaxing Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Yubang Industrial Co., Ltd.


Yiwu Xieli Ribbon Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Dunfu Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.


Guizhou Longli Rongxin Weaving Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Yugao Industrial Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Andi Xin Electronics Co., Ltd.


Yiwu Wenli Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Xingkaitai Packaging Products Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Ha Khao Line Equipment Co., Ltd.


Ruian Ruili Ribbon Co., Ltd.


Yixing Lida Line Belt Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Xinjiekai Electronics Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Dingming Clothing Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Gaohe Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Guanbo Precision Electromechanical Co., Ltd.


Zhongshan Dongsheng Town Shengda Ribbon Co., Ltd.


Wenzhou Runhe Belt Industry Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Chenguang Weaving Co., Ltd.


Zhongshan Ganlin Bath Products Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Longcheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd.


Nantong Lim Comb Machinery Co., Ltd.


Foshan Zhongju Electric Co., Ltd.


Taishan Taicheng Yuchang Ribbon Factory


Shanxi Tianxiang Machinery Co., Ltd.


Xuzhou Bochang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Cangzhou Fenjin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Wenling Hualiang Machinery Parts Factory


Zhejiang Haohao Foundry Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Meihui Steel Co., Ltd.


Linhai Lifan Machinery Foundry


Taizhou Xingye Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Ya Shi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Huangyan Shuntong Steel Trading Co., Ltd.


Ningjin County Xingye Net Belt Factory


Wenling Feiyue Steel Pill Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Economic Development Zone Zhejin Steel Co., Ltd.


Linhai New Century Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Chuanshi Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.


Cangzhou Yalong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Wenling Qinjian Motor Factory


Linhai Tianrui Foundry Co., Ltd.


Cixi Xianghe Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Huangyan Liming Industrial Co., Ltd.


Wenzhou Shanjun Electric Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Hechang Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd.


Yancheng Chengchuang Foundry Co., Ltd.


Cixi Jiazhize Hardware Fittings Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Lanxi Yueyang Foundry Co., Ltd.


Cixi Changhe Town Tongji Electric Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Jinzhiyuan Spherical Ink Casting Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Linjiang Gongfa Foundry Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Bo Chuan International Trade Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Yuedong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Jinfeng Heat Treatment Co., Ltd.


Wenling Jingqiang Mould Factory


Guangzhou Shunyuan Ribbon Co., Ltd.


Cangzhou Yihui Rope Weaving Co., Ltd.


Putian Huaheng Company


Zhejiang Runan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.


Jinjiang Dalin Shoe Factory


Cangzhou Bite Clothing Co., Ltd.


Jinjiang Xutai Shoes Material Trading Co., Ltd.


Ruian Yuanhua Ribbon Co., Ltd.


Quanzhou Xielong Textile Co., Ltd.


Wenling Jinshen Arts & Crafts Factory


Zhejiang Dongyang Geshan Fishing Tackle Factory


Dongguan Yufeng Ribbon Co., Ltd.


Flying over the rope factory


Ruian Luhao Ribbon Factory


Hubei Ningrui Weaving Co., Ltd.


Wuyi County Xinyi Nets Factory


Huangfu rope belt weaving factory


Dongyang Boao Fishing Line Co., Ltd.


Jiangxi Wendi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Cixi Xianghe Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Jieli Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.


Foshan Punisi Import & Export Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Jiating Home Textile Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Shuangxin Weaving Co., Ltd.


Wenzhou Lande Belt Industry Co., Ltd.


Yiwu Shanghai Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Hengrong Rope Belt Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Bowang Weaving Factory


Pacific Textiles Group Shanghai Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. A Textile Machinery Branch


Shanghai Datong Conference New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. Taizhou Anshuo Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

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